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The Talon House

3 Cowboys


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Three cowboys (one from Texas, one from Arizona, one from Oklahoma),

were sitting in a bar discussing how tough they were.

The cowboy from Texas said, "watch this", then called to the barmaid.

"Bring me a triple whiskey". When she brought it, he drank it down,

whipped out his gun, laid a finger on the table and shot it off.

The cowboy from Arizona called out, "barmaid, bring me a triple

whiskey with a beer on the side". When his drink was delivered he

drank it down, whipped out his gun, laid two fingers on the bar and

shot them off.

The cowboy from Oklahoma called out, " barmaid, bring me a single whiskey".

When she delivered the drink, already in shock, he drank it down and

laid his d*ck on the table. The barmaid screamed "surely you are not

going to shot that off!"

The Oklahoma cowboy said, "Hell no, kiss it and it will go off by itself".

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