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"Stupid" Gas Thief Wanted in San Joaquin County


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"Stupid" Gas Thief Wanted in San Joaquin County

Investigators have a pretty good idea who tried to steal gasoline from a San Joaquin Valley farmer. The hapless thief was caught on tape.

The suspect is 22-year-old Robert Flowers. According to the San Joaquin Couty Sheriff's Department, he was caught on a surveillance tape stealing gasoline from a farmer's tank in Escalon. On the tape, he can be seen becoming increasingly frustrated at his inability to open the lock on the tank. To get at the supply of fuel, he used a cutting torch to burn his way into the tank. Although he managed to avoid blowing himself up, he and his license plate were caught on tape.

Law enforcement officials say the tape made it easy for investigators. "I think he's just plain stupid," said San Joaquin County Sheriff Baxter Dunn. "We've talked to him on the phone. After ID'ing him, we told him to come in. We saw him yesterday, but he got away."

When Flowers is eventually located, he will face charges of vandalism, trespassing and theft. He is also wanted in Stanislaus County for a probation violation and has told officials there that he intends to surrender.

to watch the action click links below


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