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The Talon House

Movieguy version of "here your Sign!"


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Many time in very nice cool air you leave both the front and back door open to your store

a guy in blue jeans jacket and pants and a ball cap walk up and say

"are you open?"

err. no. we just got the door open so flies can rent movies too!

(the guy) ohhh?

and stand there looking, here your sign

The guy that had a store next door said to me after moving from a smaller town

said, i thought it was the town i was in,but it seem to happen here

i said what?

we had a sign at the other store that said, DOOR IS CLOSED COME TO DRIVE UP WINDOW

large letters, and they will knock and yell........ARE YOU OPEN?

they do the same thing here?

i said, shut up. don't pass the word around, they will get dumber

here your sign

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