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Many Offered to Drive Getaway Car


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Many Offered to Drive Getaway Car

It seems that there is a roving woman bank robber in France, whose modus operandi is as follows:

She only picks men bank tellers. She then produces a gun indicating it is a holdup.

After the teller hands over the money she unbuttons her blouse, exposing her breasts, then departs leaving a stunned teller.

Police questioning her latest victim were dismayed to find that the teller could not even vaguely remember his assailant's face enough to give any kind of accurate description. He was quoted as saying: "I can't remember her face, but I will remember those breasts 'till my dying day. They were absolutely magnificent."

It seems that all of the witnesses interviewed from the total of 16 robberies to date could give descriptions of her anatomy down to the most minute detail. Except for her face.

It seems that at last report she is still at large (no pun intended).

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