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Naked Man Nabbed In Attack On Off-Duty Cop


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Naked Man Nabbed In Attack On Off-Duty Cop

May 27, 2005 8:42 pm US/Pacific

An off-duty police officer out for a jog fought off a sexual assault from a naked man who jumped out of the woods wearing only a condom, police said.

John Dee Kelly, 39, of Jersey City, surrendered to Union Beach police Thursday, eight days after authorities issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of attempted sexual assault and lewdness. Authorities said he works as a vice president for a New York banking corporation.

He was being held at the Monmouth County Jail, Freehold Township, on $202,500 bail.

On May 15, according to police, Kelly rented a car at Newark Liberty International Airport and drove to Union Beach, where he hid among the trees near a paved trail.

Police said he lunged at the woman, whom they would not identify. She grabbed a container of pepper spray and her cell phone, and yelled to the attacker that she was calling the police, Sgt. John Gunich said.

Kelly stopped and put on a pair of shorts as the victim called police and then began chasing him toward his car, getting his license plate number, authorities said.

"Her quick thinking, her toughness and her training is what pulled her through," Monmouth County Prosecutor John Kaye told the Asbury Park Press for Friday's newspapers. "From a community point of view, it's a good thing that she was his intended victim, rather than a young child or another person that didn't have her wherewithal and her toughness. He definitely picked on the wrong person."

Kaye said the woman is in her early 30s, but would not say where she lives or for which police department she works.

Brian J. Neary, Kelly's attorney, told the newspaper his client plans to plead innocent; he declined further comment.

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