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Military told to wear underpants


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Military told to wear underpants

From correspondents in London


From: Agence France-Presse

BRITAIN'S servicemen and women have been ordered to remember to put underwear on when getting measured for new uniforms to avoid embarrassing their tailors, the Ministry of Defence said today.

A notice was issued to members of the army, navy and airforce in January after tailors complained about military personnel turning up to be fitted for their parade uniforms without wearing any underpants, a spokesman said.

"Some of the contractors complained about the embarrassment that causes, not surprisingly, so instructions were issued to all three services just reminding personnel to dress appropriately and modestly," the spokesman said.

"Since this note was issued in January 2005, we are not aware of any further complaints," he said.

The instruction applied to both male and female members of the military, said the spokesman, noting that the tailors also likely comprised both sexes.

The comments came after The Sun newspaper, Britain's best-selling daily, revealed that the instructions were issued to sailors who kept on exposing themselves at measurings.

"Tailors will take the names of any person not wearing underwear," commander Douglas MacDonald was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

A senior officer was quoted as saying he did not think sailors were flashing on purpose.

"It's always been the macho thing not to wear underpants," he said.

"Most have just forgotten when they go to the tailors."


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