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Bourbon Burgers


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Bourbon Burgers

Note: this is a Australians Recipes, Lack of numbers before TBS may mean 1TBS, ?

1Kg Prime Minced Beef

TBS. Worcestershire Sauce

TBS. Tomato Sauce

Tsp. Salt (or to personal taste)

Ground Black Pepper

2 TBS. Sesame Seeds

Tsp. Dried Basil

4 TBS. Bourbon (your personal favourite, but if you cannot force yourself to pour your favourite bourbon into the mixing bowl a cheaper substitute will do).

Lightly mix all the ingredients, then add the bourbon. Grill burgers on hot plate or grill (do not add further bourbon at this point at the risk of a Homer Simpson scale disaster, drink the stuff instead) for between 4-6 minutes on either side. Serve with your favourite buns and salad.

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