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I recieved this PM recently and I thought I'd share it. Out of respect for this person, I'm saying who its from.

Hi Jan

Last night after closing time I went to wal mart and shopped for a few things.

while waiting for a cab I sat on the bench outside, and this young girl with huge breasts, in one of those loose t-shirts, walked up and then just stop.

she then ask me, is this not a 24 hour wal mart?

i said, oh yeah, just walk on in.

she took a couple step and the doors slide open and she walk on in.

her face was just a blank look the whole time, i look up and saw the color of her hair. you guessed it, Blonde.

and i thought of all the blonde jokes you put in the house lol

My reaction was :lol: All I can say to you my friend is 29_3_3[1].gifhug[1].gif

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