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Most Amazing Thing!?


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One day, a man walked into a bar. He say's to the bartender, "If I show you the most amazing thing in your life, will you give me five free beers?"

The bartender says, "Show me this amazing thing first."

So the man takes out a 10 inch man and a tiny piano. The 10 inch man starts playing the piano.

The bartender scratches his head and says, "Wow, that is amazing. Here are your five beers. How did you do that?"

"There is a magic lamp outside. Rub it and a genie comes out and will grant you one wish."

So the bartender goes outside, finds the lamp, and rubs it. Then the genie comes out and says "I am the genie of this lamp. I will grant one wish. Chooses carefully."

"I want 10,000,000 bucks."

As soon as he made his wish, 10,000,000 ducks came out of no where.

The bartender goes back into the bar.

"Boy" he said to the man, "that genie sure does have bad hearing."

"What did you think I wanted, a 10 inch pianist?"

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