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New Research Shows Homosexuality Genetic


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New Research Shows Homosexuality Genetic

by Peter Moore 365Gay.com London Bureau

Posted: June 16, 2005 8:00 pm ET

(London) A new study of research on sexuality over the last 15 shows that homosexuality is genetic.

The study, by Qazi Rahman, a psychobiologist at the University of East London, and Glenn Wilson, a personality specialist from the University of London, examines the work of a number of international researchers in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, genetics, endocrinology and evolutionary biology.

It concludes that sexuality is determined prior to birth and is based on a combination of genetics and hormonal activity in the womb.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper Rahman said that the study examined the 1990 work of psychobiologist Simon LeVay that revealed differences in small parts of the brain between gay and straight men. It also looked at 1993 research indicating chromosomal differences between gays and straight men.

Since then there has been an "absolute explosion" in research into the area, Rahman told the Guardian, noting that this is the first attempt to put all the separate pieces of research together and analyze it as a whole.

Rahman and Wilson also conclude there is no evidence that people could "learn" to be gay.

But, the study disputes the figure that roughly 10 percent of the population is gay. It concludes that between 2% to 4% of people are gay and that the figure does not seem to vary across societies.

It also notes that while men tend to be either heterosexual or homosexual, with little evidence for true bisexuality, women show more mixed preferences.

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