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Faster Than a Speeding Bullets!?


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One day, Batman and Superman were flying around in a helicopter. Superman was depressed. He hadn't had sex in over 6 months. It turned out that they were flying over a nude beach, and they just happened to see Wonderwoman lying on the sand!

"Go down there and do your thing! She won't notice! You're faster than a speeding bullet, aren't you!?" said Batman.

"I should..." said Superman.

So, Superman did just that. He went down, and he was in and out in a milli-second.

"So? How was it?" said Batman.

"GREAT! It was awesome! She didn't notice a thing!" Said Superman.

At that same time Wonderwoman said "What the hell was that!?"

The Invisible Man rolled off the top of her and said "I don't know! But my BUTT SURE HURTS!"

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