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The latest in at-home HIV testing

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by GayHealth Staff

Want to get an HIV test but are afraid to ask your own doctor or have any face-to-face contact? If so, here’s an update on what’s available in at-home HIV testing.

There is currently only one valid (FDA-approved) HIV test kit for use at home by the consumer: Home Access HIV-1 Test System by Home Access Health Corp ($44.00 for results in 7 days, or $59.99 for Express results in 3 days). For more information, go to www.HomeAccess.com. Home Access is a prime maker of at-home diagnostics, like pregnancy tests.

OraSure is a major manufacturer of HIV testing products, including the new "rapid" tests, but they don't make at-home tests. “Many HIV test sites are having great success/acceptance with their rapid test,” says John Sandy Bartlett, an Education Coordinator at AIDS Services of Austin, Texas who has 20 years experience in HIV/AIDS education & counseling. Bartlett also says that other at-home test kits advertised on the internet and elsewhere are unevaluated, unapproved, and often outright scams, with possibly inaccurate, disastrous and expensive results for the purchaser/victims.

“Thankfully, law enforcement authorities are generally on their tail(s), but they are frequently beyond their reach,” says Bartlett, in places like Canada and Viet Nam.

The other approved at-home products were withdrawn some years ago, as there was insufficient market demand to justify maintaining the mandated, expensive 24-hr telephone counseling hotlines.

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