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Winnie the What?


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Winnie the What?

On a little boys first day of kindergarden his grandpa was driving him to school. They passed a field of cows and the little boy said, "Look grandpa, moo moos." His grandpa said, "You're going to kindergarden now, you have to talk like a big boy. Those are cows." "Okay grandpa, cows."

A few minutes later they drove past a train and the little boy said, "Look grandpa choo choo." And the grandpa said, "What did I tell you. You have to talk like a big boy now. That's a train." "Okay grandpa, train."

Later that day when the little boy got home from school the grandpa asked, "What did you do in school today?" And the boy said, "Well we fingerpainted, played with the blocks, had nap and the teacher read us a story about Winnie The Sh*t."

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