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'Bigamist' forgot she was married


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'Bigamist' forgot she was married

A 36-year-old woman who's been charged with bigamy in Norway says she forgot she was already married.

She told police she forgot her marital status when getting married for the fourth time since moving from Africa, reports Bergens Tidende.

"The woman has been reported to the immigration division of the police. An investigation has begun and we believe the last marriage was purely a formality," police lawyer Anette Vangsnes said.

The woman came to Norway in the 1990s, married a Norwegian man and was later divorced. In 2002 she wed an African man, but this marriage also broke up before too long.

In February 2004, the woman married another African man. According to the national register, this relationship is still valid.

In August 2004 the woman's third husband went away on holiday and while he was gone the woman took a fourth husband, another African man.

When the latest groom applied for residency permission in Norway police got suspicious and the woman's marital history came to light.

"She has no other explanation other than that she had forgotten she was married," Vangsnes said.

A conviction for bigamy or polygamy is extremely rare in Norway and only seven cases have ever gone to trial, usually with men charged.


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