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Ontario parents awake to find 45 cm snake cuddled


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Ontario parents awake to find 45 cm snake cuddled up on baby boy

Canadian Press

Friday, July 08, 2005

ST. THOMAS, Ont. (CP) - An Ontario couple were horrified when they woke up to find a snake lying on their infant's chest.

The month-old boy also had a small bite on his neck. The baby was checked out in hospital and is fine. The parents told police their son was sleeping in bed with them and they awoke at about 7 a.m. and spotted the snake.

The black and white reptile, a non-venomous California king snake, is about 45 centimetres long.

It had slithered away from an neighbour's apartment, where it was kept as a pet.

"It was lying on the shoulder-neck area." said Cont. Glenn Hodgson of St. Thomas police.

The animal control officer in the southwestern Ontario city was is investigating.

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