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Backward Bowler Hits 279


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Backward Bowler Hits 279

NASHVILLE, TN-July 12, 2005 — Jim Cripps is turning his back on bowling and doing better than ever.

He decided to try backwards bowling as a joke and got a strike. Now, that's the only the way he bowls. Cripps faces away from the pins and steps back before he lets the ball go.

The Nashville area cell phone and real estate salesman says he averages 184. He recently rolled a career-high 279 in a game that included eleven consecutive strikes.

He tells the Tennessean that finding a place to bowl can be tough. He says some alley operators think he's mocking the game.

But Cripps insists he's serious about bowling – as long as it is backwards.

(Copyright 2005 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

Last Updated: Jul 12, 2005


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