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Calif. Anti-Gay Amendment Moves Forward

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Calif. Anti-Gay Amendment Moves Forward

by Mark Worrall 365Gay.com San Francisco Bureau

Posted: July 25, 2005 6:20 pm ET

(Sacramento, California) A proposed amendment to the California Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage was approved Monday by the state Attorney General's office.

The proposed amendment can now be printed on petitions for proponents to circulate. To qualify for the June 2006 ballot supporters will need to gather nearly one million signatures.

It is one of three ballot initiatives to ban gay marriage that are in the works. The Attorney General is expected to approve the other two later this week.

In addition to banning same-sex marriage each of the proposed amendments would repeal existing protections, and permanently ban the rights and responsibilities currently available to legally registered gay and lesbian domestic partners.

“The impact of this amendment would be devastating to hundreds of thousands of California families by taking away nearly all the responsibilities and protections currently afforded to legally recognized domestic partners,” said Sid Voorakkara, interim campaign manager, Equality for All.

“Californians have a long history of rejecting discrimination and we are confident they will reject this attempt to single out one group of Californians for permanent second class status.”

Voorakkara said that Equality for All will mount a vigorous campaign to defeat the amendment proposals.

“These measures are so extreme in their scope, and so harsh in their intent,” said Richard M. Valdez, chair of he San Diego LGBT Community Center board of directors.

“We believe that once California voters understand the impact of these measures on real California families, they will soundly reject this type of discrimination.

Earlier this month the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor legislation that would allow same-sex couples to marry. (story)

The issue of same-sex marriage also is being waged in the courts. (story)

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