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NGLCC responds to Anti-gay tirade by Conservative

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NGLCC responds to Anti-gay tirade by Conservative Group

July 27, 2005

Gfn.com News

NGLCC co-founder Justin Nelson put the religious right on notice that the recent uproar surrounding the marketing of Tylenol PM to the LGBT community would backfire and that religious conservative interest groups have reached a new level of ignorance and intolerance. "I didn't know headaches were only a straight thing," Nelson said tongue-in-cheek about the latest tirade from the American Family Association (AFA).

Nelson's comments came in response to a recent campaign launched by the AFA to pressure Johnson Johnson, makers of Tylenol PM, to stop advertising to and supporting the LGBT community. "Perhaps the weather is different on their planet, but here on Earth and in America, businesses exist to sell products and services to a wide variety of constituencies that will positively impact the bottom line of the company," said Nelson.

Nelson stressed that the "stop at nothing mentality" to demonize the gay community is wearing thin on mainstream Americans. "Our message that the real gay agenda is one of access to affordable healthcare, mutual respect in the workplace, opportunity for advancement, and the ability to live our lives surrounded by those we care about is gaining traction as mainstream Americans are realizing that there is no radical stealth agenda from our community," Nelson concluded.


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