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Easy Homemade Wine.


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Easy Homemade Wine.


1-pak active dry wine yeast. 1-gallon glass jug. ( wine bottle with finger hole.) 16-cups water. 1-rubber baloon. 1- 12.oz can Grape concentrate (Farm Maid.) 4 1/4 cups of sugar .


Stir juice concentrate and your water in pan on stove on low heat. Not hot ! (too hot will kill the yeast. ) Next,disolve sugar and yeast and stir. poor in your gallon jug using a plastic funnel. Put balloon on top of bottle. Baloon will fill up with gas . About 7 weeks. Let baloon go back down this means that your wine is done. there will be sediement on the bottom of jug dont mix up ! Syphon wine into another jug (Racking).Leaving about a inch of wine from the bottom .

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