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What the parrot said to the vicar...


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What the parrot said to the vicar...

A parrot has been put in isolation and made to listen to Radio 4 after swearing repeatedly at distinguished visitors.

Barney, a five-year-old Macaw, turned the air blue when a civic party toured the Warwickshire Animal Sanctuary, Nuneaton.

He told the mayor to: "F*** off," before turning to a woman vicar and saying: "You can f*** off too", reports the Guardian.

Sanctuary owner, Geoff Grewcock, said: "To their credit they didn't take offence and laughed it off - and luckily so did two policemen who were told: "And you can f*** off, you w***ers."

The parrot is thought to have learnt its repertoire from its former owner - a retired truck driver - who emigrated to Spain three years ago, and by watching late night TV.

Mr Grewcock is now attempting a cultural reversal by keeping Barney alone in a special cage listening to Radio 4.

"It isn't really working yet but he is a very funny parrot, with a lot of character, and he does say thank you whenever you give him a treat."


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