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We Tried It Everyway!


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An 80 year old man was married to a 30 year old woman. They decided to start a family but the man didn't think he had enough sperm left. So, he went to the doctor.

Man: Doc, i'm 80 and my wife's 30 and we wanna start a family but I don't think I have enough sperm left, can you help us? The doctor gives the man a little bottle and tells him to fill it up and bring it back. A couple of days later the man returns rather humbly to the doctor's office.

Doctor: Do you have the specimen?

Man: Yes....

Doctor: May I have it?

Man : I guess so.... The man gives the doctor the bottle and the doctor looks at the bottle then at the man then at the bottle then at the man....

Doctor: Sir, I believe we have a slight problem here. This bottle is empty.

Man: It's OK Doc, I can explain everything. See, I tried it with my left hand and I tried it with my right hand. And then my wife, she tried it with her right hand and she tried it with her left hand. We tried it on the bed and off the bed. We tried it right side up and up side down. We tried it in the shower and out of the shower. For the love of God, my wife even tried it with and without her teeth.....

But you know what Doc....we just couldn't get that damn bottle open!

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