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Animal Rescuer Arrested for Leaving Dog in Vehicle


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Animal Rescuer Arrested for Leaving Dog in Vehicle

FOREST PARK, GA (AP) -- An animal rescue activist has been arrested for leaving her own dog in her vehicle for more than two hours. Patricia Siems, president of All Dog and Cat Rescue Angels, was arrested yesterday in Forest Park on an animal cruelty charge.

Siems was attending a meeting of the Georgia Companion Animal Advisory Board at the time. A friend says Siems brought her dog, Hank, because she did not want to leave him alone with one of her other dogs.

Siems said she went to check on the dog three times during the meeting to run the air conditioner and give him water. The windows were left about halfway down.

She returned to her car more than two hours after the start of the meeting to find members of the state Department of Agriculture's animal control section -- who were at the meeting and happened to park near her -- waiting for her. An inspector for the department measured the temperature in the vehicle at 103 degrees.

The dog appeared unharmed. But if convicted of animal cruelty, Siems could lose her license to operate an animal shelter.

Associated Press


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