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The Talon House

3 Mices


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3 mices went into the bathroom late one night and decided to go to sleep!

the first mouse went to the bathroom sink to sleep

the second mouse went to the bathtubs to sleep

and the third mouse slept in the toilets!

at the crack of dawn the first mouse got out of the sink and jog

around it, he said wow that was good, the best i slept in a longt time

the second mouse jump out of the tubs and did push up and said

man, that was awesome. i feel great!

the third mouse came dragging himself out of the toilets?

the other two look at him and ask what wrong!?

he reply, man it was a nightmares in there!

i was sleeping good, then all at once it got dark as hell, then it started

to pourdown raining. then the wind blowed so hard it knock me back

in the water!

then along came a whirlpool and i spin around and around, and if somebody

didn't throw that damn log in there i would had drown!?

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