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Mystery Man Gay


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Mystery Man Gay

by Peter Moore 365Gay.com, London Bureau

Posted: August 23, 2005 1 1:00 am ET

(London) The mystery over the identity of a man found wandering along a British beach four months ago has been solved.

When he was found, disoriented and confused, on the shoreline in Kent, the 20-yer old appeared unable to speak. Any identifying markers in his clothing had been removed, and police believed they had found an amnesiac or a possibly mentally challenged man but had no idea how to get in touch with his family.

He was taken to a local hospital and police began to circulate pictures of the mystery man throughout Europe. Doctors gave the man a pencil and pad, hoping that if he could not speak he might be able to write or produce a drawing that could help identify him.

He drew a piano, and then began waving the pencil like a conductor's baton, quickly earning him the moniker 'Piano Man'.

Dozens of people responded to the picture but none of the leads panned out and the Piano Man sat silent in the hospital.

But, late last week, a nurse entered his room, and as she had done every day since he got there, asked him: “Are you going to speak to us today?”

The Piano Man suddenly said: “Yes, I think I will.”

He then proceeded to tell authorities and hospital staff that he is from Germany, is gay, and his family owns a farm. He said that he came to Britain after he lost his job in Paris, had become depressed and was about to commit suicide when he was discovered by police.

The man, whose name has not been revealed by authorities returned to Germany this week.

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