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Fisherman Returns Home - In Reverse


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Fisherman Returns Home - In Reverse


Aug. 23 - Imagine your car only driving in reverse.

Well, that happened to fisherman Jim Peterson - but to his 38-foot troller, when he was 80 miles off the coast. He was off the coast of Newport, Oregon, last week when it happened.

Peterson and his deckhand considered their options: Wait hours for a Coast Guard tow, wait for help from other fishermen or drive the boat all the way back in reverse. Peterson wasn't waiting.

He told The Register-Guard newspaper that it was like watching a movie in reverse. He says trying to steer the troller was sort of like backing up a truck towing a trailer. It was a 39-hour ordeal.

But the pair made a hard landing at the docks with 13 tuna and one big fish tale.

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