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Katrina's Effects, at a Glance


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Katrina's Effects, at a Glance

By The Associated Press

August 30, 2005, 10:04 AM EDT

Hurricane Katrina's effects, at a glance:


* At least two breaches in levees allowed water from Lake Pontchartrain to inundate sections of New Orleans. Dozens of people rescued from roofs and attics.

* Highest wind in New Orleans estimated at about 100 mph.

* Some 370,000 customers estimated without power in southeast Louisiana; number expected to rise. New Orleans water unsafe to drink without boiling.

* Entire city of New Orleans, city of 485,000, ordered evacuated before storm struck. Mayor Ray Nagin estimated 80 percent of the city's residents left.

* About 9,000 took shelter in New Orleans Superdome arena, where storm ripped two holes in the vast roof.

* New Orleans police made several arrests for looting.


* As many as 80 deaths possible, said Gov. Haley Barbour. That includes estimated 50 people in coastal Harrison County, with about 30 of those at one beach-side apartment complex in Biloxi.

* At least 450,000 customers without power.

* Casinos that dot the coast are closed. Emergency officials had reports of water reaching the third floors of some of the barge-mounted casinos.

* More than 1,600 Mississippi National Guardsmen activated.

* Quote: "The devastation down there is just enormous," Barbour on NBC's "Today."


* Two deaths.

* More than a half-million homes and businesses without power.

* Flooding reached 11 feet in Mobile, matching record set in 1917, according to National Weather Service. Water up to roofs of cars in downtown Mobile and bayou communities. Piers ransacked and grand homes flooded along Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.

* Major bridge over the Mobile River closed after it was struck by an oil drilling platform that floated away from a shipyard.

* Quote: "She said she was in water up to her chin," Kim Stringfellow said of woman and five children brought to shelter at church in Bayou La Batre.


* One person was killed in a car accident as stormy weather moved through the western part of the state.

* Some 6,300 customers were without power Tuesday morning.

* More than 30 buildings were damaged or destroyed in west Georgia's Carroll County.


* Flash flood warnings were in effect across western Tennessee, where up to 3 inches of rain fell Monday night.

* About 75,000 customers were without power.

* Dozens of school systems canceled classes, including Nashville-area schools.

* Thousands of evacuees from Mississippi and Louisiana sought shelter in Tennessee. No evacuations in Tennessee.


Most of Kentucky was under a flood watch until Wednesday morning.


* Deaths: 11, according to state tally on South Florida strike last week.

* 77,000 customers were without power Tuesday morning in the Panhandle, hit by eastern edge of storm Monday. In South Florida, 155,262 customers still without power Tuesday morning.


* Oil futures rose more than $1 a barrel Tuesday as traders awaited reports on the extent of the damage to Gulf of Mexico oil and gas refineries.

Copyright 2005 Newsday Inc.

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