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Liverpool Seeks To Build Gay Village


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Liverpool Seeks To Build Gay Village

by Peter Moore 365Gay.com, London Bureau

Posted: September 6, 2005 9:00 pm ET

(Liverpool, England) Saying that a vibrant gay neighborhood is key to a revitalized Liverpool a group of city councilors has presented plans to create a gay village in the heart of the city.

The point to the city's arch rival, Manchester, which has the Canal Street district one of Europe's most popular LGBT communities and one which spearheaded that city's revival.

The councilors, mainly from the city center, say gays have money and spend it. In Manchester the LGBT community contributes millions to the local economy. Manchester Pride is a key destination attracting hundreds of gays from around the world.

But, Liverpool without a gay community focal point does not have a Pride celebration and has a reputation is being one of the least gay friendly places to live in the UK.

A recent study of the top gay welcoming universities did not rank Liverpool in the top 10.

"Sad to say but I think Liverpool, which I love to death, is still a racist city and still a homophobic city," said Labor's Steve Munby.

The first thing, Munby admits, is finding an area to be turned into a gay village. Then attract gays and lesbians to move there.

The idea will come up at a city council meeting later this week.

Liberal Party leader Steve Radford was Liverpool's first openly gay councilor but is unsure whether such a quarter is really necessary in the city.

"We need to ask the question why places like Southampton, Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester, Leeds and Hull can all have annual Gay Pride events but Liverpool doesn't.

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