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Two Aliens


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Two aliens Zeb (a real gun slinger) and Zeke (always thinks everything through first) came down to Earth and landed their spaceship by a gas station. Zeb jumps out of the ship and the first thing he sees is a gas pump. He whips out his gun and says, "Stick'em up! Stick'em up!"

Zeke said, "Zeb, I wouldn't mess with him, he looks like a mean sonofab*tch."

"Nah. Stick'em up, Earthling!"

"I'm tellin you, Zeb. He looks like a mean sonofab*tch!"

"Nah." Then he shot it.

The explosion blew the two of them sky high. Zeb looks over at Zeke and says, "Damn. Say how'd you know he was such a mean sonofab*tch?"

"Well Zeb, anyone who can take their dick and rap it around themselves three times and stick it in their ear has got to be a mean sonofab*tch!"

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