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Heavily Themed, Tunneled B&M Inverted Coming to Phantasialand

It's usually around this time of year when coaster fans start serious speculation on the upcoming season. And it seems scoping out new Bollinger & Mabillard machinery ofthen takes precedence. As of early July, evidence and gossip point toward four new B&M's for PLanet Earth in 2006, so far. Yet only one is offficial and announced; not surprisingly, it's to be built in Europe, an active center of the present-day roller coaster boom.

Phantasialand, the mystical, magical theme park in Bruhl, Germany, will debut Black Mamba in 2006. It's a B&M inverted coaster, size and length uncertain. but likely to contain five inversions in an orginal configuration. Carrying the theme of a mythological serpent which coils both skyward and underground, Black Mamba will reportedly include at least one subterranean enclosure, if not more.

Expect a mid-spring opening for B&M's European adventure, and expect more news on other 2006 models as the summer progresses.


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