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The Talon House

Help Mother Superior!!


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A police officer was patrolling his neighborhood

late one night when he looked down an alley and

saw two women who were obviously very drunk. They

were stumbling and fumbling and laughing loudly.

The police officer drove into the alley thinking

he was going to bust some girls for consumption,

but when he pulled up to them, he saw that they

were nuns! Completely astonished, he said,

"Sisters, may I ask what you are doing out this

late at night?" One of the nuns responded, "Son,

we're helping Mother Superior." The officer was

amazed. "How in God's name is getting plowed out

of your mind going to help Mother Superior?"

Theother nun said, "she's constipated, and when

she sees us, she's going to sh*t!"

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