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The Talon House



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This guy needs to use the bathroom really badly-

he's almost crapping his pants. He goes into a

bar, where its really crowded, and everyone is

having a great time. He looks around everywhere,

but there's no bathroom in sight. However, he

does spot a little set of stairs in the back, so

he goes upstairs, and he finds himself in a

little room, with a hole in the middle of the

floor. Well, this guy REALLY has to go, so he

looks around, drops his pants, and quickly does

his thing in the hole. Once he's done, he pulls

up his pants, and saunters downstairs like

nothing happened. When he gets downstairs,

there isn't anyone there, and the bartender is

crouched under the bar. Well, the guy asks the

bartender "Where is everyone?" The bartender

says, "Where were you when the sh*t hit the fan?"

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