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Gay Club Advisor 'Harassed Into Resigning' Teaching Job


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Gay Club Advisor 'Harassed Into Resigning' Teaching Job

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: October 25, 2005 12:01 am ET

(Rocklin, California) A teacher who served as advisor to the Rocklin High School Gay Straight Alliance says she suffered so much harassment she has quit the job she loved.

In an emotional resignation to the Rocklin Unified School District board Brandee Ambrosia called for a full investigation into what she called discrimination and retaliation for her involvement in the GSA.

Several times Ambrosia broke down in tears. But at the end of her plea the board said it could do nothing to investigate her claims in light of the resignation.

"After 11 years of teaching ... that was a very difficult decision to make," Ambrosia told the Sacramento Bee newspaper. "Yet I feel full of integrity that I stood up for kids, I stood up for myself and I stood up for what is right."

Superintendent Kevin Brown said Ambrosia has been advised that she can pursue her complaint with the state Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights. Otherwise, the matter is considered closed.

Ambrosia said that the school administration opposed the formation of a GSA last year. After she successfully fought to get it approved the certified history teacher's teaching assignment was changed without reason, she told the paper.

She appealed the decision to the district saying she believed the change was motivated by bias because of her role in the GSA.

The board reinstated her assignment but then this fall she was told by Principal Mike Garrison there were problems in her teaching.

She filed a grievance with the district, again citing discrimination and it was denied.

Ambrosia said she was left with no alternative but quit.

The Bee reports that the resignation has shocked fellow teachers who held Ambrosia in high regard. Several teachers told the paper that they believe there is truth to Ambrosia's claims of discrimination.

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