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Gay Ex-Inmate Who Lost Gang Rape Suit Arrested


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Gay Ex-Inmate Who Lost Gang Rape Suit Arrested

by The Associated Press

Posted: November 4, 2005 7:30 pm ET

(For Worth, Texas) A former inmate who last month lost his federal civil rights lawsuit against six Texas prison employees was arrested Friday, authorities said.

Roderick Keith Johnson was captured in Fort Worth three days after he skipped a hearing (story) that was set after he failed five drug tests since August, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Johnson, a gay burglary convict who was released on mandatory supervision in 2003, is to remain in custody until a new hearing. A Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles official will hear evidence and determine whether he must return to prison or remain free under supervision. Johnson now lives in Marshall, where the Tuesday hearing had been set.

Last month jurors rejected Johnson's lawsuit claims that employees at the Allred Unit near Wichita Falls, where he was housed for 18 months, ignored his pleas for protection from being raped by fellow inmates. (story)

Johnson testified during the Wichita Falls trial that he had not used illegal drugs for several months. Later, his parole officer told jurors that Johnson tested positive for illegal drugs and admitted to using them in recent weeks.

Johnson was sent to prison in 2000 after a drug arrest, which violated the terms of his probation on a 10-year sentence from 1992 for burglarizing a Harrison County house. He was moved from Allred to another unit in 2002.

Johnson was released in late 2003 on mandatory supervision, a type of release allowed for certain offenders when their calendar time served - added to their good-time credit - equals the length of their sentence. He is to remain under supervision until 2007.

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