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Blonde Deodorant


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A blonde woman walks into a chain pharmacy. Looking around, she realizes that the store has done some re-arranging, and that she no longer knows where to find what she is looking for. She gets the attention of one of the employees.

"Can I help you find something, ma'am?" He asks.

"Yes," She says, "I'm looking for the rectal deodorant."

"Er...what kind of deodorant was that?" He's certain he misheard her.


"Um, ma'am, I don't believe we carry that."

"This is where I always buy it."

The employee is perplexed. He's responsible for stocking and taking inventory, and he's never seen anything like that.

"Maybe I'll recognize it once I see it. Do you have the container with you?"

"Oh, you know, I think I might." She feels around in her purse for a moment before pulling out a stick of deodorant and handing it to the employee.

He looks it over, and hands it back to her. "Ma'am, this is regular underarm deodorant."

"No, this is rectal deodorant. See?" She holds the stick up and points to the back, where there are directions printed. In small, but legible print, it reads "Push up bottom".

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