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Speeder Gets Break For Upset Stomach


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Speeder Gets Break For Upset Stomach

- Associated Press

Thursday, August 5, 2004

OSLO, Norway


A reckless driver in Norway got a reduced sentence for speeding on Monday after he told a judge he had to go faster than the law allowed because his upset stomach was working faster than he could drive.

The driver, who wasn't identified in line with Norwegian privacy guidelines, was pulled over by police for going more than twice the posted speed limit in central Norway on June 26.

At one point, police clocked the driver doing 78 mph in a 31 mph zone, the newspaper Tronder-Avisa reported, citing police accounts.

A state prosecutor wanted to confiscate the man's drivers license for six months, but the man said he had to rush home so he could go to the bathroom.

Instead, the man had his license revoked for five months and fined $1,143.

"The violation of the law occurred solely as a result of the urgent need to find a lavatory, a need caused by stomach problems," the court ruled.

But the court warned that stomach-induced speeding wasn't a free ride.

"He could have stopped the car and found a lavatory somewhere along the road," the ruling said.


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