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Man Who Called Cops Busted for Alleged Pot


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Man Who Called Cops Busted for Alleged Pot

By Associated Press

November 11, 2005, 5:00 PM EST

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- In retrospect, it probably wasn't such a good idea to call the police. Ronald Meyers summoned officers to his home in an upscale neighborhood Thursday morning, claiming that someone was trying to open his windows and that he could hear voices outside.

Responding officers found no burglar but asked if they could check inside, said Sgt. John Booth, a Palm Springs police spokesman. When Meyers, 59, let them in, officers allegedly found more than $100,000 worth of marijuana, he said.

The alleged stash included an 8-foot-tall pot plant, more plants growing in the garage and harvested marijuana -- some packed into large closeable plastic bags -- stuffed in large storage bins in a bedroom, Booth said.

Officers also allegedly found syringes, at least one methamphetamine pipe and other drug paraphernalia, he said.

Meyers was jailed for possession of marijuana for sale with bail set at $25,000, he said.

His neighbors said they were unaware of anything unusual going on inside the house, which sits near signs for the area's Neighborhood Watch Association.

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Information from: The Desert Sun, http://www.desert-sun.com

Copyright 2005 Newsday Inc.


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