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Anglican Factions Told To Stop Bickering Over Gays


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Anglican Factions Told To Stop Bickering Over Gays

by Peter Moore, 365Gay.com London Bureau

Posted: November 16, 2005 1:00 pm ET

(London) The leader of the worldwide Anglican faith Wednesday told church conservatives and liberals to stop feuding over the role of gays in the church.

The two sides have been at loggerheads since the election of Gene Robison as bishop of New Hampshire in the United States.

Robinson was not in attendance as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams made the plea at the opening of the General Synod in London.

He had been told by Williams earlier this month that he was not welcome in an effort by the Archbishop to quell the growing dissent. (story)

Williams leveled his concerns about a potential schism in the denomination at both factions in the church, telling them they risk "poisoning the wells" with inflammatory rhetoric.

Williams told the bishops that the two sides had shown high levels of mutual ignorance. He called for an open and civil dialogue, suggesting that every Synod member should make contact with someone in another Anglican province who was not likely to share their view.

The Synod could not assume that "we already understand our opponents' views better than they do themselves" he warned.

But, it appears Williams plea may have fallen on deaf ears. The second most powerful member of the Church of England, Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, spoke of the "scandalous" divisions within the church.

Last week conservatives in the American branch of the Church held a meeting in Pittsburgh. (story) Seven bishops from Africa, the West Indies, and Asia who have been the most vocal opponents of Robinson also attended the session, suggesting that a schism was inevitable.

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