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88-Year Old Charged 7-Year-Old's 74 MPH Joyride


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88-Year Old Charged 7-Year-Old's 74 MPH Joyride

Officers say a 7-year-old was speeding around with an 88-year old man.

Alden, KS -- An 88-year-old man is in trouble with the law in Alden, Kansas.

A Highway Patrol officer pulled-over Alan Sleeper's pickup truck when it was clocked doing 74 mph on a 55 mph highway. The officer was stunned to find out the pickup was being driven, not by Sleeper, but by a 7-year-old girl. Officers said the child was at the wheel and Sleeper was in the passenger seat.

The child won't be charged with speeding, but prosecutors are charging Sleeper with endangering a child and letting an unauthorized minor operate a motor vehicle

Associated Press


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