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County Jail Is Being Sold on EBay


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County Jail Is Being Sold on EBay

By Associated Press

HUNTSVILLE, Mo. - Along with concert tickets, sports memorabilia and designer handbags, add a Missouri jail to the list of things you can buy on eBay.

Randolph County officials have decided to sell their old jail on the auction site as soon as Wednesday. Bidding starts at $32,500, said Jim Myles, a county commissioner.

County leaders say they got the idea to sell the jail from neighboring Howard County, which sold its jail to a Los Angeles lawyer who plans to renovate it into a country getaway.

"After Howard County sold their jail, we were kind of jealous," said Myles. "We wished we had been first."

The two-story structure resembles a quaint home more than a secure lockdown. That's because until 1989, the jail doubled as home to the county sheriff and his family, with a separate living quarters including a full kitchen and fireplace. The sheriff's wife even cooked meals for prisoners.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press.

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