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Anti-Gay AFA Turns Sights On NBC


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Anti-Gay AFA Turns Sights On NBC

by Ed Welch, 365Gay.com Los Angeles Bureau

Posted: December 27, 2005 1:00 pm ET

(Los Angeles, California) The American Family Association is urging its members to flood NBC with letters denouncing the network's new series "The Book of Daniel" which will feature primetime's only openly gay male character in a new show.

The series is planned to debut January 6 at 9:00 pm E/P time.

"The Book of Daniel" stars Aidan Quinn (“An Early Frost”) as the Reverend Daniel Webster (pictured) an unconventional Episcopalian minister who not only believes in Jesus - he actually sees him and discusses life with him.

His children include Peter (Christian Campbell, “Trick”), a 23-year-old gay son, who struggles with the loss of his twin brother. To confound matters even more, Peter is a Republican.

Webster's daughter, Grace (Alison Pill, “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”), is 16-year-old daughter who just happens to be a drug dealer. Then there's the 16-year-old adopted son who is having sex with the bishop's daughter, and Webster's wife who is "addicted to martinis".

Webster's secretary is a lesbian who is sleeping with his sister-in-law. The character is only one of a handful of lesbian characters on TV this season.

Further angering the AFA is Jack Kenny, the show's writer, who also is openly gay.

The group is urging its members to write to NBC Chairman Bob Wright to voice their disapproval. A sample letter that the AFA has posted on its Web site warns Wright that the organization may target the show's advertisers.

The AFA has a long history of boycotts and threats against companies that are perceived as gay friendly.

Earlier this month it got Ford Motor Corp. to pull its advertising from the LGBT media. (story) Following outrage from the gay community, and a hastily arranged meeting with the leaders of 19 LGBT rights groups in Washington, the company issued a statement claiming it had been misunderstood and the ads would not be cancelled. (story)

The AFA boycotted Proctor and Gamble last year after the Cincinnati-based P&G supported the repeal of an anti-gay law in that city. (story)

In April AFA declared victory over Proctor & Gamble after the company ended most of its advertising in the gay media. (story) The group claimed that more than 300,000 people had signed pledges not to buy P&G products.

The effect on P&G is believed to be one of the major reasons Microsoft decided to withdraw its support of a gay rights bill in the state of Washington following a meeting with a conservative Christian leader. (story) Following outrage from the company's gay workers and LGBT rights groups in Washington the company reversed course again and announced it would support gay rights measures in the future. (story)

In May, the AFA took aim at Kraft Foods - stopping just short of calling for a full boycott - for sponsoring the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. (story) Kraft has not budged in its support for the games.

Earlier this year the AFA ended a nine year boycott of Disney called over Gay Days at the company's theme park in Orlando, Florida. Most people in the industry said the boycott had a negligible effect on Disney.

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