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Odd Farmer!


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Many years ago a farmer couple gave birth to a son. They named him "Odd."

When Odd began going to school all of his classmates teased him because of his name. He finally graduated and got a factory job, and once again all of his co-workers would poke fun at his name.

Finally, he got married and lived and worked a farm, since he could not take being around people teasing him about his name.

When he became 50 years old, he told his wife that he was fed up with going through life with his name. He told her when he died that would end it. No one would ever make fun of him again.

He requested that his wife not put his name on his headstone, only the date he was born and the date he died.

About 20 years later the poor farmer died. His wife wanted to honor his wishes and purchased his headstone with no name engraved; just the date he was born and the date he died.

Today when mourners visit the cemetery, they walk by and look at his headstone and see there is no name on the headstone and they always say, "Isn't that Odd?"

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