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TV Station Threatened Over Series With Gay Character


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TV Station Threatened Over Series With Gay Character

by Beth Shapiro, 365Gay.com New York Bureau

Posted: January 10, 2006 - 12:01 am ET, Updated 1:00 pm ET

(Little Rock, Arkansas) A television station in Little Rock has increased security after receiving threats over its decision to run the NBC series "The Book of Daniel".

Guards are now posted at the studios.

Little Rock's NBC affiliate refused to air the show's premiere Friday after pressure from the American Family Association and area pastors. WB42, a WB affiliate then agreed to run the series. (story)

Threats to the station began pouring in shortly after it made the announcement. They continued after the show aired a spokesperson for the station told 365Gay.com

Station spokesperson Gary Robbins defends the decision to run the series and says despite the threats there are no plans to cancel it.

"We've had hate mail, we've had hate phone calls... but there's no profanity in this show, there's no indecency, there's no nudity," he said.

Four stations across the country are refusing the show "The Book of Daniel" as a result of the AFA pressure campaign. But four other station that originally said they would boycott the show reversed course and decided to air it. (story)

Monday the AFA called on its members to keep up the pressure on other affiliates. In an email AFA Donald E. Wildmon told the group's followers also to put pressure on the show's advertisers which include Just For Men, Mazda, H&R Block, and Burlington Coat Factory.

"The Book of Daniel" features one of primetime's few openly gay male characters, has a lesbian supporting character and is written by a gay screenwriter.

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