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Teen breaks leg killing spider


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Teen breaks leg killing spider

By Edmund Tadros

January 12, 2006 - 3:16PM

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald


Given the boot ... A huntsman spider

A 19-year-old youth-camp leader has broken his leg in two places after kicking ''one of the largest'' huntsman spiders he had ever seen.

The teen saw the spider on a wall this morning while at the Attunga Country Campsite in the NSW Southern Highlands and attacked it with a deadly kick that ended the spider's life - and badly affected his own.

He was airlifted to Liverpool hospital by an NRMA CareFlight helicopter from the camp, which is 25 kilometres west of Mittagong.

''He was [looking] sheepish but he was in significant pain and he was facing the barrier of difficult road access," said Greg Ohlsson, the pilot of the helicopter.

''He was a nice guy, he was very polite and obviously embarrassed.

''He said the spider was a huntsman, one of the largest he'd ever seen, which is why he kicked it.''

Mr Ohlsson said the man's friends were concerned for his health but described the camp atmosphere as "light-hearted" due to the cause of the injury.

''They wished him well and told him to hurry up and get well, so he could come camping again.''

For the record, most breeds of huntsman spiders are harmless. There is one whose bite can cause some pain, but generally they are beneficial to have around

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