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Cats In The Cafe


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Cats In The Cafe

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- There are more than two million pet cats in the city of New York -- but no place for their owners to take them out to eat.

That is, until now: The first-ever "cat cafe" will open in Manhattan next week, offering a menu for both felines and their human pals.

When the Meow Mix Cafe opens its doors August 17, pussycats will be able to tuck in to a variety of vittles while their owners enjoy comparable dishes. For example, while the kitty chews on her "Fillet Meow" of beef in gravy, her owner eats a beef tenderloin sandwich.

Similarly, the menu offers crab cakes to owners whose pet decides to snack on "Upstream Dream," a cat food mix of salmon and crab in sauce.

Four-legged customers at the 3500-square-foot cafe also get to try out scratching posts and catnip-filled toy mice.

However, there are some ground rules: All cats must be on leashes so no catfights break out.

If the Meow Mix Cafe is a success during its one-week trial run, Meow Mix plans to either open up a chain of cafes or create a mobile cat cafe to travel across the U.S.


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