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Police Still Seeking Answers In Teen's Homophobic Rampage


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Police Still Seeking Answers In Teen's Homophobic Rampage

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Updated February 6, 2006, 12:01 am ET

(New Bedford, Massachusetts) Police in three states said Sunday night that the investigation into the attack at a gay bar and the flight of suspect Jacob Robida is far from over despite the teen's death.

And in a fourth state police are investigating a suspected copycat shooting at another gay bar.

Robida died early Sunday morning in a Springfield, Missouri hospital. (story) He had sustained two bullet wounds to the head in a shootout with police in nearby Norfolk, Arkansas.

Minutes before, he shot and killed a police officer in the small northern Arkansas town of Gassville. A woman traveling with Robida also died of a gunshot wound.

But many questions remain.

New Bedford Police Captain Richard Spirlet Sunday night said investigators in the city, about 50 miles south of Boston, still want to know what provoked the attack at Puzzles Lounge and if anyone else was involved. The gun-and-hatchet attack early Thursday hospitalized three patrons. (story)

Spirlet said that it is hoped the personal computer belonging to the 18-year old will answer some of the questions.

Police seized the computer immediately following the attack on Puzzles. Also taken away by police were Nazi paraphernalia and anti-Semitic writings.

Robida had a Web site that contained numerous references to the rap group Insane Clown Posse - known for its sinister clown makeup and violent lyrics. He posted lyrics from one of the band's songs - "Pass the Ax."

"Pass me something Sharp and Wicked and I'll pass it back don't worry I'll pass it back," the posting read. The logo for the band's label, Psychopathic Records, depicts a silhouette of a man wielding a hatchet.

Using the nickname "Jake Jekyll" Robida also posted pictures of himself on the Web site pointing a gun. The pictures bear the caption "serial killer."

Police want to go through postings on the site from other people and to examine his emails.

Arkansas state police today will conduct forensics tests on the bullet that killed Robida's passenger, 33-year-old Jennifer Bailey.

Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery said that during the shootout with police Robida turned, pointed the gun at a female in the car with him and killed her. But state police say they want to confirm that, suggesting that Bailey could have been killed by a police bullet.

Investigators also want to try to determine what brought him to the remote Ozark area. State police said that there are a number of militias and Nazi-like groups in the area. Did Robida have a connection to any of the groups? Are other attacks being planned?

Police in the two states also are working with police in West Virginia to determine the connection between the 18-year old and the 33-year old Bailey.

New Bedford police believe that immediately after the attack on Puzzles Robida drove to Virginia to meet up with Bailey at her Charleston, West Virginia home.

"Apparently she's had a prior relationship with this guy and had been corresponding with him. Other than that, we're still in the dark about that," West Virginia state police Sgt. C.J. Ellyson said Sunday.

"The extent of their relationship I don't know," he said, adding that investigators also didn't yet know how they met.

Meanwhile, in Grand Rapids, Michigan police are investigating the Sunday morning drive by shooting at a popular gay bar.

No one was injured but patrons of Diversions Video Bar were shaken up when the front window of the club was shattered by shots from a pellet gun.

Police say the suspects sped off after the shots were fired. Investigators hope that a nearby surveillance camera provides them with information.

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