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The Speeder and The Cop


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A guy had just finished upgrading the motor in his car, and decided to take it out for a trial run. He got on a lonely , straight road, and hit the gas...wow!! that new engine was dynamite!! Quick look around...nothing!! Foot to the floor!! WOW!! 135mph!!

Yeeeeeehaaaaaa ..oops!! Flashing lights in the rearview mirror...no problem!! He could outrun them!!...errrrrrr, until he got to the railway crossing, and the barrier was down!!! Whoops!!!

The patrol car pulled in behind, and the Trooper got out, and walked to the driver's door of the car." Good day to you sir....it is 3:30 pm, I am ready to go off duty, and home to my cute new wife.Now..if you can give me a good reason, that I have never heard before, as to why you were driving so crazy fast, I will pretend this never happened, and turn right around, and sign off.." The driver looks up at the Officer, takes a deep breath, and says "Hey, my wife ran off with a Highway Patrol officer three weeks ago. When I saw the lights in my mirror, I just took off in panic..I thought you were trying to bring her back"... The Trooper shuts his notebook, puts it in his pocket, salutes, says "Have a nice day", and gets back in his patrol car and drives off!!

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