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Singapore Approves 'Brokeback Mountain'


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Singapore Approves 'Brokeback Mountain'

by Peter Hacker, 365Gay.com Asia Bureau Chief

February 15, 2006 - 2:00 pm ET

(Singapore) In a move that surprised even the film's distributor "Brokeback Mountain" Wednesday was passed in its entirety by Singapore's film censorship board.

Homosexuality is illegal in Singapore. The law defines gay sex as "an act of gross indecency" punishable by a caning and up to two years in prison.

The censor board in a statement said that it approved the movie because it did not "promote or glamorize the lifestyle".

The movie will, however, carry an R21 listing meaning it will be restricted to moviegoers over the age of 21 and must carry a warning message: "mature theme, sexual scenes".

The approval signals a new liberalism for the censor board which brought in new rules in 2004.

Prior to the new rules it banned the Taiwanese film "Formula 17" about two teenage boys falling in love and in 2002, a scene in "The Hours", which depicted two women kissing, was chopped.

In Malaysia the country's largest distributor has said it would not even ask for approval to release "Brokeback Mountain" in the mostly Muslim country. China's censor's banned it last month and the United Arab Emirates banned it earlier this month.

In the United States the movie was dropped from the playbill at a Salt Lake City theater after the movie chain's owner discovered it had a gay theme. (story)

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