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Study: Equipment Size Governs Gay Self Esteem


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Study: Equipment Size Governs Gay Self Esteem

by Malcolm Thornberry, 365Gay.com European Bureau Chief

February 20, 2006 - 7:00 pm ET

(Amsterdam) The old saying "it's not the size of the equipment but how it does the job" has no place in fact for gay men scientists in the Netherlands have found.

Researchers at Utrecht University say that p**** size is paramount to the way gay men see themselves.

The study was undertaken by Liesbeth Woertman, a senior lecturer in clinical psychology, and colleague who specializes in social and organizational psychology.

Using a broad survey on a number of topics to mask the nature of the research they questioned 251 gay men. The average age of the sujects was 29 Woertman said.

"Our study reveals that how gay men see their p**** has considerable influence on how they value themselves in general," she said.

The larger their organ the more confident gay men were both in lovemaking and in life in general the study found.

It also found that the majority of gay men believed that a large sexual organ was the major attraction for potential lovers.

Men with average or smaller organs displayed lower self esteem and a more negative view of the bodies in general.

Woertman 's team also found that next to p**** size the most important body parts for gay men were their stomachs and their skin.

"It is not known whether if there is a similar link in heterosexual men, but there are various reasons for assuming that the self-image of heterosexual men is linked to how they evaluate the most characteristically masculine part of their body," Woertman said.

In a previous study Woertman reported that gay men spend more time, money and effort on their appearance than straight men.

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