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The Talon House

The Power Within

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I've been rereading TPW recently and it got me to thinking about Pete. It was while I was reading chapter 4 that some thoughts came to me.

To refresh you memory, this was the chapter that Brian called Pete 'babe' while on the phone and asking him to bring him a change of cloth's and we find out later that Coach Sarvino over heard it.

Later in the chapter, Pete explains to Brian why he's scared. This is when we really start to find out about Pete's demons. The abuse he endured while living with his mother and Curt. I believe this is the first time Pete opens up. During the night he has a nightmare about it.

Then we move on to when he tells Brian not to do anything to out him and it happens. His reaction is to walk out and gets a place of his own and goes to another school. There he unexpectedly finds a new boyfriend, who has a some similairities to Brian. I'd go further, but I don't want to give any spoilers to anything. I'm just doing this part to get things started. I've done some editing on this great story, so I'm not about to reveal anything before hand.

We all tend to dislike him at the moment, but do we really know Pete like we know Brian. I don't think so. And I think we are just starting to fnd out.


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awww forget it...bring Chris Forn around...he is a better match for Brian. i alway thought that Chris was the better guy for him...he was not beating by anyone beside David his brother, and if they became a couple Brian could show David a thing or two about fighting!...still he not a smart boy..he is a loving and caring and more calm personality...beside Andy(Tony) has more problem than all three combine and can't shake his smart butt bully way!!

Pete has his sight on a boy that could teach him a thing or two and help him out

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