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The Talon House

Watchtower (true story)


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For the last 3 saturday i watch those same two guys knock on my door

my store is located about 200 feet from my apt

and they keep coming back each saturday...i watch them bang on my door

so yesterday when the same two guys showed up, this time i ask them what they were doing! (i knew already)

i said to them...the guy that live there wear two hearing aid, and has 7 birds and is not at home all day long...so the other people in all the other apt. would like to not hear your banging on the door so early in the morning

they look at me and said..we are sorry..we don't bother you since you are at a business! but we want to talk to anyone that we can in these apt.

i reply...did you hear me say the guy wear two hearing aid??

errr..yes we did?

i turn my head from side to side....then i'm not home and i'm at a business to not to be bother...but my bird have have a thing to say about the knocking!


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